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Mesotherapy hair loss treatment

Hair mesotherapy is the newest treatment that is very popular all over the world for women and men. This is an effective method for problems with hair loss or androgenic alopecia. It also acts as a hair loss prevention.

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Receding hairline? Try mesotherapy hair loss treatment

What is mesotherapy hair loss treatment? This is a method in which various cocktails that enhance hair growth are injected into the skin of the scalp with small needle, and also adds vitamins and minerals lost by the body due to stress or aging. The advantage of the technique is non-surgical technique, the absence of pain and great efficiency.

This hair loss cure is suitable for almost all hair types (oily, dry, normal) and solves a wide range of problems like hair fall, traction alopecia, androgenic alopecia and more.

We offer a special types of baldness cure for men and a special one treatment for female hair loss. If you have problems with hair falling out or you need any hair loss prevention, mesotherapy for hair could be the best solution for you.

We have been working in the field of beauty since 2011.

Indications and benefits of hair loss treatment

  • intense hair loss, low hair density
  • androgenic alopecia
  • thickness of hair roots
  • persistent itching of the scalp, dandruff
  • fragile hair, split ends of hair
  • hair fall control
  • restoration of "sleeping" hair bulbs
  • hair follicles getting more stronger
  • cleansed scalp, dandruff disappears
  • hair will be beautiful and healthy
  • What does hair mesotherapy involve?

  • Based on the first consultation, the doctor offers the special cocktail for each patient individually. This provides an optimal effect in each case.
  • The scalp is treated with an antiseptic solution before starting the treatment and we use anaesthetic cream 20 minutes before if it is possible.
  • After that, the doctor use a thin needle for carefully injection of the meso-cocktail into the desired area. This treatment takes 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the treated area.
  • The treated area is again treated by the antiseptic solution immediately after the procedure. We recommend 6-10 treatments for the best and stable effect.

Hair loss treatment mesotherapy price from 1 500 Kč

Our expert in periorbital facial anatomy will determine the best approach during your consultation

The hair mesotherapy treatment provides delivery of active substances directly to the hair follicles, this is the reason why this is more succesful hair loss cure than for example dietary supplements for hair fall problems. The scalp receives a powerful stimuls to recovery, which leads to a whole range of positive results.

Consultation (deducted from the cost of the 1st procedure) 500 Kč

Hair mesotherapy 1 application 1 500 Kč

Hair mesotherapy 5+1 FREE 7 500 Kč

Hair mesotherapy 8+2 FREE 12 000 Kč

Mesotherapy & Hair loss. FAQs

You shouldn’t wash or dye your hair for 2 days after hair loss cure because of the rehabilitation of the hair scalp. You could take care of your hair in the usual way after this 2 days.
Pregnancy and lactation, the postoperative period, gallstone disease, allergies to drugs that are used in cocktails, women’s critical days, the use of certain drugs that are incompatible with mesotherapy cocktails.
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