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Plasma lifting – elixir of youth for your skin

Plasma lifting or PRP treatment (platelet rich plasma therapy) or so called vampire facial is a modern treatment that restores your beauty with your own blood. While this is not the most appealing description, there is nothing to worry about, as plasma is separated in a sterile environment and applied to selected areas by an experienced doctor.

At some point, most of us would like to have a time machine that gives us back youth, a pretty figure, wrinkle-free skin, firmer and brighter hair, thicker joints and the energy we had in the past...But the mechanism of natural restoration of health, youth and beauty is hidden within our own body and can be triggered by blood platelets containing proteins capable of simulating cell regeneration and heal us with our own blood.

History of plasma therapy:

In ancient times, healers believed that blood had magical properties and they were right. Blood is made up of an intercellular substance (plasma) and elements such as erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets. Each of these cells has its own task: erythrocytes provide tissue respiration, leukocytes protect the body against infections, and platelets ensure blood clotting. However, platelets play a major role in the healing and regeneration of damaged tissues, producing growth factors that regulate and stimulate tissue growth and lifespan.

Plasma therapy, a renewable source of health that hides in our own blood, was discovered and applied in 2003 by Russian doctors and scientists Renat R. Akhmerov and Roman F. Zarudy, who created plasma lifting technology and a procedure that could be called the "modern elixir of youth".

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