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Lip fillers with the «RUSSIAN LIPS» technique

Every person has a unique lip shape that can be adjusted using various fillers injections techniques. One of the methods, which is currently trendy on Instagram, is the "RUSSIAN LIPS".

What exactly is the Russian lips filler technique?

It is a special technique that gives the lips a delicate shape of a heart and a large volume in the middle of the lip, just like the Russian doll Matryoshka has. With this technique, the specialist tries to lift the lips and not to add unnecessary volume. For this reason, the method is perfect for those who are just beginning with lip fillers or longing for a natural look. This technique is characterized by a flatter lip look because the aim of the intervention is both the shape and volume, as well as clearly defined edge of the lips.

The RUSSIAN LIPS technique must be performed by an experienced professional.

What is a difference of Russian lip filler vs normal?

Unlike traditional lip filling techniques, in the case of RUSSIAN LIPS, the filler is injected vertically. It starts in the middle of the lip, and the filling is gradually absorbed towards the edges of the lips. This technique is based on lifting and widening the upper lip to achieve maximum area.

How much does the lip augmentation using the Russian lips technique cost?

The RUSSIAN LIPS procedure costs as much as the traditional fillers; it depends on how many fillers are used. If you are thinking about lip filling (including the RUSSIAN LIPS technique) and want to save money, you can use the special offer of our clinic.

How long does the RUSSIAN LIPS procedure take?

Lip filling with the RUSSIAN LIPS technique takes 30 to 45 minutes, including preparation time.

How long does the filling with the RUSSIAN LIPS technique last?

Záleží na výrobci výplně, výplň rtů s kyselinou hyaluronovou obvykle vydrží 6–12 měsíců, korekce se provádí každých 3–9 měsíců 

Are you ready to try the current Russian lips trend?

BEAUTYSHAPE clinic offers this technique in Prague. Book a FREE consultation today and find out if the RUSSIAN LIPS technique is right for you.

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