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Microblading. Permanent makeup. Eyebrow tattoo

Permanent eyebrow makeup is a solution for women who want to have a more expressive look and beautiful facial features even without everyday make-up. Microblading or powder eyebrows can add depth to your gaze.

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What is permanent eyebrows makeup?

Permanent eyebrow makeup can be done with 2 methods with different results. Microblading it is hair technique of eyebrow lining consists in drawing individual eyebrow hairs, which leads to optical compaction and filling the gaps.
Powder eyebrows, on the other hand, create the appearance of eyebrow makeup.

To choose MICROBLADING or POWDER BROWS technique eyebrow is more suitable for you we recommend you to consult with our permanent makeup specialist. With permanent eyebrow makeup, you will reduce the time you spend on makeup every day.

How does permanent eyebrows makeup work?

When applying permanent makeup, the pigments (color) are applied to the upper layers of the skin, where they remain for one to four years. However, the duration of permanent eyebrows effect is very individual. It depends on the general condition of the skin in the area, where microblading or powdered permanent eyebrows is done.

We recommend to consult with a permanent makeup artist upfront about the selection of a suitable method or combination of both, that will show you possible results after applying permanent makeup. Before starting, it is also necessary to discuss with the specialist possible contraindications, such as pregnancy, oncological diseases or some skin diseases in the area where permanent make-up should be performed.

If you have already decided on permanent eyebrows, the specialist will choose a suitable pigment color for you and, using a pencil, pre-draw the shape of the eyebrows, which corresponds to the shape of your face.

Permanent makeup microblading eyebrows in Prague, Czechia

All eyebrows permanent make up procedures take place after local anesthesia in this area, so you should not worry about pain, after twenty minutes of anesthetic cream, the specialist makes small incisions with a disposable blade imitating individual hairs on which the pigment is applied. For most clients, the whole procedure is almost painless.

The powder brows or so called ombre brows technique must first be applied to the main contours without applying anesthesia, but this sketch lasts only a few minutes and is not painful. Then the anesthetic cream is applied and the rest of permanent makeup is applied on the numb skin.

PAfter permanent makeup procedure, it is necessary to follow some measures to prevent excessive pigment loss in the skin, such as avoiding sunlight, solarium, swimming pool, sauna, etc. On the first weeks after application, as regular treatment using micellar water and a special nutritional-protective cream.

picture of Permanent Makeup. Microblading eyebrows in Prague

Often after 4-6 weeks, permanent makeup needs to be corrected. During that final session, the shape and color of the eyebrows will be adjusted.

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  • irregular eyebrow shape
  • sparse eyebrows
  • gaps or scars on the eyebrows
  • light eyebrow hair color
  • asymmetry of the eyebrows
  • well-shaped eyebrows
  • make eyebrows thicker/fuller
  • filling in the gaps in eyebrows
  • eyebrows are more highlighted
  • achieve a symmetrical and flattering appearance

What are the techniques of eyebrow tattoo?

  • Microblading (eyebrow feathering)
  • Powder brows (ombre brows)
  • Combined "3d microblading"
  • Process of eyebrows tattooing

  • A consultation with a permanent make up artist, choosing technique and color of the permanent makeup eyebrows.
  • Drafting a shape of new eyebrows with a special eyebrow pencil, an adjustment based on client’s feed-back
  • 1st stage of drawing of permanent eyebrows with powder technique or straight application of anesthetic cream (before Microblading).
  • Final drawing of eyebrows using a disposable needle or blade (according to the chosen method of permanent eyebrows) and pigment.

Microblading. Permanent eyebrows 3 600 Kč

Before the treatment, we recommend to have a consultation with a specialist at our beauty clinic.

You will be informed about the all-possible options of the application of permanent eyebrows, about the procedure itself, before and after steps. Those clients, who had permanent eyebrow makeup done with us, we also provide the final permanent eyebrow color correction at a discounted price.

Microblading eyebrows (eyebrow feathering)3600 Kč

Powder brows (ombre brows)3600 Kč

Combination of techniques "3d microblading"3600 Kč

First color correction after 30-60 days 1450 Kč

Microblading. Frequently asked questions

Microblading creates a natural look by supplementing the individual hairs in the eyebrows, and is thus especially suitable for the optical thickening of too thin eyebrows. The appearance of powdered eyebrows resembles make-up eyebrows, and it can be used, for example, to replace eyebrows that are partially or completely missing in some areas.
A week before procedure, do not tweak, pluck, or tint your brows so the stylist can see your brows grow naturally. Also, on the days before applying permanent makeup, avoid sunbathing and tanning salons or other activities that make your skin more sensitive. Also, do not go to the procedure if you are not feeling well. Avoid alcohol and drugs the day before your permanent make-up procedure, which can affect blood clotting. Also, do not drink coffee or cigarettes on the day of applying permanent makeup, including due to the possible effect of blood clotting and pain during the procedure.
The entire eyebrow permanent makeup procedure lasts about 1.5-2 hours. With the initial permanent eyebrow makeup, you can expect that in the first 4 days after the procedure, the color will be 40-60% darker than the final shade. At the same time, within a few weeks after the procedure, in some places where the pigment does not adhere, the color may disappear. However, the shape and color of permanent eyebrows always can be adjusted during the first correction, which can be done in 4-6 weeks and lasts about 1 hours.
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