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A permanent makeup eyeliner

A permanent makeup eyeliner highlights your eyes and makes them appear deeper. A permanent makeup eyeliner saves your time and anxiety with perfect makeup eyeliner every day without makeup.

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What is eyeliner tattoo?

A permanent makeup eyeliner (often called eyeliner tattoo) is a simple way for the ones who do not want to spend every morning applying eyeliner. An eyeliner tattoo could be applied only to the lash line and that is why we get natural deeper sight effect and also bigger line over an eye and better eye figure. Maybe you already have your dream eyeliner figure which you want to recreate, but we recommend to consult with a master who will recommend you congruent figure and pigment shade eyeliner to look good on your skin and face tone.

How does a permanent makeup eyeliner work?

During eyeliner tattoo we apply a color pigment to the upper layer of skin with a one-shot needle. A figure and intensity of a color pigment can be fixed at following correction.

The duration of a permanent eyeliner tattoo is an individual thing, usually 1-4 years, depending especially on the care which you give to your eye area and surrounding skin.

Before an interposition of a permanent makeup eyeliner we recommend to go for a consultation with a permanent makeup master who would explain the risks of a permanent makeup to you and when you should not to do a permanent makeup (such as a pregnancy and a nursing period, oncological therapy and skin illness in area where you want a permanent makeup) and also how you should care about eyeliner tattoo.

At the same time based on experiences and your eye figure we advise you with choosing a congruent eyeliner technic for you – a massive black cat eyeliner looks good on everyone.

Permanentní make-up linek

In a case that you came direct for an interposition of a permanent makeup eyeliner it should take 1,5-3 hours. It depends if you want a top and also a bottom eyeliner and how boldly would a master do.

First of all a permanent makeup master drafts eyeliner with a classical eye pencil and together you look if the figure and a boldness of the eyeliner are going on well with your expectations and your eye figure.

The first draft of an eyeliner to skin is necessary to apply without an anaesthetic cream which could later affect depth of a settlement of a pigment. Drafting is a couple minute process and it is not a very painful process. After that an anaesthetic cream is applied on the area and the following drafting is done on numb skin.

For the best effect of permanent makeup eyeliner, it is necessary to take care of a fresh eyeliner tattoo after it has been applied. We always recommend to take care of a permanent makeup area with a micellar water and special nutritive protective balsam. Additionally, it is good to avoid too much wet and hot environments such as a sauna or a pool, do not go sunbathing and do not go to the solarium. After 4-6 weeks from the first application a correction can be done and when a master completes a pigment which was not settled and eventually fixed a figure or an intensity of tattoo eyeliner.

We have been working in the field of beauty since 2011


  • Fixes flatly eyes
  • Fixes everyday necessity of applying makeup
  • Fixes an asymmetry in eye area
  • Fixes washy look
  • Fixes sensitive eyes intolerant to makeup
  • highlighting eye contouring
  • beautiful eyes without necessity of wearing makeup
  • offset an asymmetry of eyes
  • deeper look
  • congruent for people who wear contact lenses

Which areas could be treated?

  • Top eyeliner
  • Bottom eyeliner
  • Top and bottom eyeliner
  • Proceeding of a treatment (interposition)

  • a consultation with a master concerning a figure and width of a permanent makeup eyeliner
  • drafting with an eye pencil, an adjustment based on covenant with a client
  • the first draft tattoo eyeliner continues with an anaesthetic cream application
  • Proceed to create the figure and an intensity of an eyeliner with a one-shot and a pigment tattoo

A permanent makeup eyeliner from 1950 CZK

Before an interposition of a tattoo eyeliner we recommend a no force consultation with our master at clinic.

You get everything you want to know about the process and prospects of a permanent makeup eyeliner and also about skincare for a fresh tattoo eyeliner. The master also explains to you why you should go for the first correction which will be provided to our clients with a preference price.

A permanent makeup: top eyeliner 3250 CZK/2250 CZK

A permanent makeup: bottom eyeliner 2950 CZK/1950 CZK

A permanent makeup: top and bottom eyeliner 4600 CZK/3600 CZK

The first correction after 30-60 days 1450 CZK/1450 CZK

Frequently asked questions

A permanent makeup eyeliner would be done with a preparation approximately 1.5-2 hours (it depends if you do only top/bottom eyeliner or both). In the first month a skin should separate out 40-60% of the pigment which would not settle down and this is why we recommend after 4-6 weeks which are needed for the skin to heal, a correction, which will ensure fixed figure and a colour intensity of a permanent makeup eyeliner ensured by the master/specialist.
All proprieties of a newly tattooed eyeliner would always be explained by master to you, generally it is recommended a few days after application to cleanse with micellar water without oils, further following with nursing using a special calming and nourishing balsam. At the same time, it is not recommended to go to the sauna, a pool, a solarium and avoid also a sunbathing. In area of a newly tattooed eyeliner there will appear little crusts, do not peel them, let them secede. Do not chafe your eyes and if it is possible sleep on your back.
Our masters of permanent makeup eyeliner have a long-time practice and know how permanent makeup eyeliner will look on clients also in the next coming years. We try to set an individual approach to all the clients and indulge them how it is possible. Our specialist are happy if they should give you a long-lasting result and that is why they recommend you only what they know is best for you and your skin type, with high standards and quality of their work.
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