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Permanent makeup lips

Permanent makeup lips are a popular solution for women who want to improve their lips, make them visually larger or add a youthful flush of colour to faded lips without the necessity to use makeup every day.

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Permanent makeup lips are created only with a lip liner contour of lips or a lip liner contour of lips and shading the lips. Every type has its advantages and advisability of the first or the second type; which would be explained to you by a permanent makeup specialist during a consultation.

Permanent makeup lips alows you to straighten up a little asymmetry on your lips, hide imperfections and lacklustre lip liner contour and highlight faded natural colour of lips. With permanent makeup lips you would abandon all everyday worries of carefully drawing lip liner and wearing lipstick, including repairing it after a meal or drink. Permanent makeup lips are like a lipstick witch you should not to solve a stamina.

How does the permanent makeup work?

Permanent makeup lips, also sometimes called tattooed lips, consisting in application pigments to the surface layer of a skin (less deep than tattoo), where after correction and the right care lasts one to four years. That stamina of permanent makeup is an individual thing depending on factors such as quality of your skin and skincare which a client is giving to their lips.

When choosing the congruent figure and the colour of a permanent tattooed lips we recommend to always consult with a permanent makeup stylist who is going to show you illustration pictures of permanent tattooed lips. We also recommend you take your favourite shade of a rouge, lipstick or a lip liner with you to a consultation to show a specialist which effect you really want to have.

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After that the specialist also consults the most frequent cases which should defer in application for permanent tattooed lips or affect the final effect. Especially pregnancy and nursing period, other hormonal changes, oncological illness and dermatological illness hitting area of permanent tattooed lips.

Single interposition of a permanent tattooed lips stays 2-3 hours. First a specialist suggests the figure of lips with lip liner and asks you if you are satisfied with it. The first draft is necessary to apply without an anaesthetic cream which should in a short-term affect texture of a skin. That stage lasts only a few minutes and it is not a painful. After that a specialist will apply an anaesthetic cream for the remaining duration of the procedure. It is necessary to take special care of a permanent tattooed lips; to not secrete a fresh staid pigment. Especially we recommend evading sun, pool, sauna and other similar places. The first weeks after application is also a necessary to wash lips with a micellar water and nursing area with a special nutritious and protective cream. With regard to sensitivity of lips area we recommend using vitamin supplements.

After 4-6 weeks it is possible to make a correction of a permanent makeup, where fixed figure and also fulness of lip colour can be adjusted.

Do you need a lips augmentation?

In a case that your lips are really small and bold colour and it would make your lips smaller we recommend combination of two treatments – inject lip fillers with a hyaluronic acid following with permanent tattooed lips. With this combination you should get your dream figure and volume lips because of our doctors and specialists. During the appointment you will get a discount of a 500 CZK discount for lip fillers with hyaluronic acid before a permanent tattooed lips procedure.

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  • irregular lips shape
  • asymmetrical lips
  • scars hitting into lips
  • lacklustre lip contour
  • washy and pallid natural lip colour
  • equalisation lip figure
  • hiding irregularities and asymmetry
  • covering scars in lip area
  • highlighting lip contour
  • getting boldly and fully lip colourr

What are the methods of permanent makeup lips?

  • Lip contour Lip contour
  • Lip contour and shading Lip contour and shading
  • Aquarelle lips Aquarelle lips

Permanent makeup lips from 1 900 Kč

Before a treatment, we recommend passing a consultation with a PM artist at our clinic.

If you are considering permanent tattooed lips, we offer you a preliminary consultation with our specialist right in our clinic. During a consultation you get to know all about prospects and expediency of permanent tattooed lips, skincare which you should give them before and after application and also the prospects of a first correction. Prices and details of all the procedures will be explained as well as the first correction will be laid out in detail

Permanent makeup lips contour 2900/1900 Kč

Permanent makeup lips contour wuth shading 3900/2900 Kč

First color correction after 30-60 days 1450/1450 Kč


We devide technics of tattooed lips into permanent tattooed lips contour and contour with filling. If you want only to highlight faded or nonuniformly lip contour, you can opt for only this procedure. If you want to make your lips more bold with a permanent tattooed lips we recommend contour with the filling. However we recommend a specialist consultation during which all these details will be discussed with all of your personal preferences taken into account.
Considering application of a permanent make-up would make your lips more sensitive, we recommend in a period of a 10 days before treatment to use a vitamin supplements which are helping to prevent with creation of irritation after an interposition. Then avoid a searing, a solarium and other similar activities which could make your skin more sensitive. A sure thing is good health, if you are not feeling good, it is better to delay your appointment. A day before an application of permanent tattooed lips avoid alcohol and pills/medication , on the day of interposition do not drink coffee and do not smoke to avoid any short-term lip damage and changes in blood pressure..
A permanent tattooed lip will be very bold immediately after the first application, in the next days your body "will partly eat color" and it would get lighter by 40-60% from the primary shade. A figure and the colour of a permanent tattooed lips should always be fixed on the first color correction which could be done after 4-6 weeks from the first application. With the regular recommended skincare, a permanent tattooed lips lasts one to four years depending on your health and condition of lip skin.
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