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Lower eyelid surgery

Puffy eyes bags under eyes? Lower eyelid surgery is an answer. Quick rehabilitation. Bring back a younger look of your eyes and a fresher appearance of your face!

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What is lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)?

Feeling like you look older and more tired than you feel can be devastating to your self-esteem and confidence. If aging has caused bags and puffiness to appear beneath your eyes, then eyelid surgery can rejuvenate the lower eyelids to a younger, fresher appearance.

In lower lid surgery, an incision will be made either in your lower lash line or on the inside of the lower lid effectively hiding any scar. Though each procedure will vary based on the patient's needs, typically, lower eyelid surgery involves the removal of excess skin, fat, or both tissues from the lower eyelid and area just above the cheek. The purpose of the procedure is to form a nicely defined lower eyelid that is healthy in appearance.

Typically, lower eyelid surgery is performed under local anesthetic (sometimes in combination with a sedative)

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Indications and benefits of lower lid blepharoplasty

  • Bags beneath your eyes. Fines lines on the lower eyelid
  • Puffiness below the eyes
  • Excessive fat deposits beneath the eyes
  • A fresher, more rested appearance;
  • A more attractive lid contour
  • Removal of eye bags;

Lower blepharoplasty treated areas?

  • Eyes Eyes
  • What does lower blepharoplasty involve?

  • During your first visit to the clinic, you'll have a one-to-one consultation with your doctor to discuss your health condition and the best way to perform a lower eyelid surgery for you. Before the treatment, we will also take photos for our medical records.
  • The procedure is performed in local anesthesia, because especially in lower eyelid surgery, doctor needs a verbal communication with a patient. Usually the lower lid blepharoplasty takes only 40-50 minutes.
  • The first 24 - 48 hours after the blepharoplasty, the patient puts ice compresses and keeps the resting life mode. We use the most modern techniques for eyelid surgery, including a special radio wave scalpel, so rehabilitation time after this procedure is minimal.
  • Stitches are usually removed on day 6. Patients can usually return to their normal day-to-day activities in 2 – 7 days after the procedure, enjoying the long-lasting rejuvenating results of the Blepharoplasty procedure. However, physical and sports activities are not recommended in the first 3 weeks after lower eyelid surgery.

Lower eyelid surgery from 14 500 Kč (€560)

Before treatment we recommend to do a consultation with doctor at our clinic.

Lower eyelid surgery can involve skin incisions directly below the lash line or an incision on the inside of the eyelid. It's a good idea to discuss your plans with your GP first. There might be a medical condition affecting your eyelids or a reason why the operation isn't appropriate for you. Before treatment we recommend to do a consultation with doctor at our clinic.

Consultation (deducted from price of I. treatment) 1000 Kč

Lower blepharoplasty 14 500 – 16 500 Kč

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Some of the reasons why you may consider a lower eyelid surgery could be that you have excessive skin and fine wrinkles that give a ‘crepe paper’ type effect on the eyelids. If you have dark circles or bags under your eyes, Blepharoplasty can help you eliminate these as well. Above all, general good health, a positive attitude, and realistic expectations make you an ideal candidate for the surgery.
The time of recovery varies from patient to patient, but most patients resume normal activities within 10 days post-surgery.
The results of your lower eyelid surgery are long lasting. Once the fat is removed from below the eyes, it does not grow back.

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