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image Botulinum toxin injections

Botulinum toxin wrinkle relaxing injections are suitable for almost anyone who has wrinkles or fine skin lines and is looking to reduce their appearance. It is a safe and convenient way to remove and relax frown lines, forehead lines and laughter lines without surgery.

Procedure description

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, and lines begin to form which can make us look older than we are, or can spoil otherwise healthy-looking skin. At the same time overactive facial muscles, especially between the eyebrows, forehead and around the eyes can often contribute to the formation of active facial lines and wrinkles. With the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin with aging, or as a result of sun damage, these lines become increasingly apparent and permanent.

The use of a Botuline Toxine (Botox®) to relax the underlying muscles is an effective method to improve these lines and wrinkles.The safety of botulinum toxin has been proven over 30 years of medical use and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave approval for it to be used as a cosmetic for the temporary improvement of frown lines 15 years ago. Wrinkle relaxing injections are suitable for almost anyone who has wrinkles or fine skin lines and is looking to reduce their appearance.

Botox is a highly purified protein derived from the bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum. It blocks the nerves to muscles that cause wrinkles & unnecessary expression as well as sweat glands to decrease excessive sweating. Botulinum Toxin is a safe and convenient way to remove and relax frown lines, forehead lines and laughter lines without surgery.

Indications & benefits of botulinum toxin injections

  • Forehead lines. Nasolabial folds
  • Glabella lines/ lines between eye brows
  • Wrinkles above and under the lips
  • Crow`s feet/ smile lines around eyes
  • Tear troughs. Cheek / malar mound.
  • Diminishing the deep creases between your eyebrows, or crow’s feet and forehead lines
  • Fine lines and wrinkles will be smoothed out and you’ll be left with a youthful, glowing appearance
  • Facial expression becomes softer

Areas for botulinum toxin application

  • Decollete
  • Face
  • Forehead
  • Hands
  • Lips

How botulinum toxin wrinkle Relaxing Injections are done?

  • On your first visit to the clinic, you'll have a one-to-one consultation with your doctor to discuss your condition and the best medical procedure for you. Treatment itself takes about 15 minutes
  • Your doctor will cleanse your skin and then administer the Botulinum Toxin injections and we will give you aftercare advice and recommend a time-scale for your follow-up treatments
  • The effects of Botuline Toxine (Botox®) aren’t always instant. Often you might not see or feel any changes until 3-5 days after treatment.
  • Individual results vary, but in general the effects last 4-8 months
image Botulinum toxin injections
Botuline Toxine injections

Prices for botulinum toxin injections

Wrinkle Injections are the most effective rejuvenating treatment for subtly tackling the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. It also prevents new lines forming by relaxing the facial muscles and reducing excessive facial movements. At our clinic we use only 100% certified and original botulinum toxin products.
Botuline Toxine: Glabella lines/ lines between eye brows
3 000 Kč
Botuline Toxine: forehead lines
3 000 Kč
Botuline Toxine: "Crows feet", lines around eyes
3 000 Kč
Botuline Toxine: Glabela + Forehead
5 300 Kč

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Botulinum toxin is one of the worlds most commonly used wrinkle treatments, there are literally hundreds of studies showing that it is perfectly safe as long as it is used in the recommended amounts. We only use a tiny amount to treat wrinkles.
It is recommended not to proceed with Botulinum Toxin therapy, if you are experiencing any of the following: pregnancy and lactation, Infection in the vicinity of the injection site, Current therapy with a certain class of uncommonly used antibiotics, known as the amino glycosides. Also blood clotting disorders or current therapy with drugs inhibiting blood clotting, e.g. Warfarin. Diseases affecting the muscles, particularly Myaesthenia gravis.. Allergy to tetanus toxoid is a potential, but not absolute contraindication. This will be discussed with details at your consultation.
You will look great of course! However there may be a few tiny pin-prick marks from the injections but these disappear within a couple of days. There is no recuperation required and most people return to normal life immediately. Make-up can be applied straight away.
Do not drink alcohol or take aspirin 24 hours before the treatment. Inform your practitioner of any history of bronchitis, pneumonia and problems with breathing.
Please refrain from touching the treated area and remain upright for 3-4 hours. Do not have facial massage or electrical stimulation to the face for 24 hours after the treatment. Do not overstretch, bend or kneel excessively for 2 days following treatment. No shoe shopping following the treatment. Do not fly for up to 72 hours after the treatment. It is recommended to avoid alcohol for12 hours. It is recommended that you come back for more treatments at the first sign of muscle re-activation. In some cases the changes in air pressure can affect the results of treatment causing the Botulinum Toxin substance to spread into other areas but this is rare. We usually advise patients to avoid flying for 24-48 hours to ensure that they achieve the best results. Wrinkle Relaxing injections do not affect your ability to drive however or use other public transport such as train or bus.
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