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The dry skin. Redermalization can help?

The dry skin. Redermalization can help?

The sun's rays do not always have only a positive effect on us. That can mostly be seen in the autumn.

Due to inappropriate or inadequate care in the summer, many women begin to suffer excessive skin dryness over time. In other words, their skin is dehydrated. In this case, moisturizers are helpless, even those of the highest quality. Creams are not able to penetrate the deep layers of the skin on the face and nourish it with beneficial trace elements.

My skin is dry, what should I do?

In every woman, wrinkles on the face begin to appear with age. To prevent premature aging, you need to hydrate the skin and avoid drying out. Without hydration, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness, and wrinkles start to form. Dry skin therefore accelerates the aging process.
The main task of women is to start taking care of dry skin in good time. This removes unpleasant consequences (wrinkles, folds, peeling of scales) and preserves the youthfulness and smoothness of the face. Our epidermis struggles every second with various factors, such as:
  • polluted environment;
  • variable weather;
  • unbalanced food;
  • bad habits;
  • lack of sleep.
All this leads to the fact that the protective functions of our organism are reduced and our body simply fails. Dry skin also serves as a signal that it is time to start caring for it.
However, aesthetic medicine is developing rapidly, and with the advent of new procedures such as redermalization and biorevitalization, it is now possible to prevent dehydration of the skin and thus prevent drying.

What is a redermalization?

In cosmetics, non-stable hyaluronic acid has been used for 10 years, which is applied in the form of injections. This procedure is called biorevitalization. It not only removes dry skin, but also restores its protective functions.
Previously, the preparations contained only hyaluronic acid in different concentrations.
Now there are preparations to which sodium salt of amber acid have begun to be added – a useful substance that increases the effect of hyaluronic acid. In this latter case, the procedure is called redermalization.
The most effective preparation is Xela Rederm - this preparation will once be a salvation for millions of dry-skin women.

Redermalization is a skin booster treatment. What are the key benefits?

This procedure allows you to effectively combat signs of skin aging, dryness, injury scars and wrinkles. And that's not all redermalization is effective for. Thanks to redermalization, the immunity of the skin on the face will also increase, its colour and structure will improve as well, and it will get rid of traces of acne and inflammation.
Hyaluronic acid and sodium succinate are commonly found in our skin. Thanks to the re-introduction (by a doctor) into the skin, the natural processes of the organism, aimed at cell regeneration, are initiated. It is this effect that helps to get rid of many problems with dry skin.
Who this procedure is intended for:
  • if you notice dry skin, lack of elasticity;
  • if you have dry skin at all times;
  • the first signs of aging appeared, such as wrinkles, flaccidness, etc.
  • if you plan to undergo a deep facial peeling;
  • if you are going to have a plastic surgery.
Dryness of the face itself, in addition to discomfort, can also lead to other problems, so it is necessary to fight it.
Please follow the doctor's recommendations until the skin is completely restored after redermalization injections, otherwise an inflammation may occur. If you have followed everything that is necessary, then you can observe the results already after the first procedure. The reward for you will be a beautiful velvety skin without dryness and grey colour.

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