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image Double chin removal, Lipolysis

A double chin can make you look older than you feel. We offer a range of safe and non-surgical treatments to remove double chin fat and boost your confidence!

What is Double Chin Fat Reduction?

Many people are bothered by double chins and try to conceal them behind turtleneck shirts and scarves.

A double chin can often have nothing to do with body weight, it may be related to ageing or genetics. It is often diet and exercise resistant and can be stubborn to remove. Under chin fullness can make you look older, heavier, or unhealthier than you really are.

Fortunately, however, there’s now a cosmetic injection option to help reduce under-chin fat and enhance your jawline.

The fat dissolving treatment contains an acid that is naturally occurring in the body. The acid has been formulated into an injectable product which, when injected into an area containing fat cells can dissolve and destroy the fat within that area. Once a fat cell has been destroyed it is unable to store fat anymore, thus reducing the total amount of fatty tissue in an area.

Injections for Chin Fat Reduction is minimally invasive therapy and non-surgical.

INDICATIONS & BENEFITS of double chin injections

  • Ageing can cause fat to accumulate in the neck creating a double chin
  • Double chin as a result of weight change
  • It can be part of a patient’s DNA
  • Effective, permanent, safe and gradual non-surgical injectable treatment to reshape the jawline
  • The injection can be used to sculpt the neck and create a chiseled jawline, creating a youthful profile.

Které oblasti mohou být ošetřovány

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Double chin
  • Cheekbones

How double chin removal injections are done?

  • On your first visit to the clinic, you'll have a one-to-one consultation with your doctor to discuss your condition and the best medical procedure for you. Just before the actual treatment, the area will be cleaned, and you may be given a topical anesthetic to numb the area prior to injection.
  • Small injections with a small needle are then made into the fatty tissue. The procedure takes approximately 10-15 minutes. After the treatment you can go back to your daily activities almost immediately. While treatment plans differ based on the skin’s condition, 3 – 6 sessions are usually recommended for optimum results.
image Double chin removal, Lipolysis
Double chin removal (Lipolysis)

Double chin treatment. Lipolysis injection prices

The sight of a double chin is not the most attractive thing the world. That is a common concern among both men and women is the loss of definition in the jawline and a double chin. The combination of sagging skin and unwanted fat can add years to the appearance.
Injection lipolysis is one of the most recent non-surgical methods get rid of double chin fat without surgery.
Double chin injection 1 area
1 750 Kč
Face and chin
2 500 Kč
Course Injection Lipolysis Face & chin 2+1 at half price (discount 750 Kč!)
6 250 Kč

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fat dissolving injections permanently destroys double chin fat. Once the fat cells have been destroyed they will never return.
After two (2) to four (4) treatment sessions spaced at least 4-6 weeks apart clients should experience improvement. A maximum of six (6) treatments may be given. Minimum needed for noticeable results in all patients is 2 treatment sessions (with two vials at each session), however it is important to note that more vials may be required during each treatment session with up to 6 treatments for some cases.
Yes, you can resume normal activities but it is recommended that you wait 2-3 days before resuming any strenuous activities.
As with any injectable treatment, patients may experience a range of common side effects. Moderate discomfort is common, but short-lived, during treatment. After treatment it is common to experience swelling, warmth and sensitivity in the treatment area. These side effects are temporary and typically reside after 2-5 days.
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