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Permanent makeup removal

Permanent makeup removal

Permanent makeup is basically the same as a tattoo. Permanent makeup is applied to the first layer of the skin, while the tattoo is in the second deeper layer. Therefore, permanent makeup removal is less difficult than tattoo removal. The reasons for tattoo removal can be any. Fortunately, there are several ways nowadays to do the removal quickly and without any pain. The removal is happening thanks to innovative technologies and special removers. At Beautyshape Clinic, the procedure is performed using modern methods that do not damage the skin or leave scars.

If Permanent makeup is really permanent?

Although the name itself suggests that permanent makeup lasts forever, the truth is somewhat different. Most of the procedures the patients choose are not completely permanent. PMU usually lasts one to three years, depending on the specialist who performed the intervention, but also on your skin. After some time, you should also decide whether to go for a correction or to have a tattoo removed with a laser, for example. Therefore, when choosing a specialist, always keep in mind that the pigment will be injected into your skin, even if it recedes over time.

How to remove permanent makeup tattoos?

There are several different ways how to remove permanent makeup, using the following removal methods in particular:

  • Saline based, non-laser method
  • Dermabrasion
  • Laser

Saline tattoo removal is a procedure that uses a saline solution to draw tattoo ink or pigment out of the skin.

The removal process is similar to the creation of permanent makeup when the pigment or ink with a saline solution is applied to any unwanted area. This allows the removal of unwanted makeup by removing the pigment from the skin. The solution is applied to the upper layers of the skin, precisely to the depth at which the pigment can be found. Here, it becomes mixed with the pigment, which is rejected by the body and pushed back to the skin surface. The salt solution may have a stronger or weaker effect; depending on the specific need and situation it can be used in different concentrations. 


Dermabrasion is a popular procedure the main purpose of which is to improve the skin appearance. It is an exfoliating method that uses a rotating tool (brush) to remove the outer layers of the skin.

Laser removal of permanent makeup

The most common way to remove unwanted pigment from the skin is the laser, just as with ordinary tattoos. Due to a higher concentration of risk, laser tattoo removal is not recommended for a tattoo that is less than six months old. The reason is the patient will need more laser sessions, and the laser will be more violent (because it attracts more ink molecules).

What are the most frequent reasons for removing the permanent makeup?


These are the most frequent reasons why people choose to remove PMU:

  • Permanent makeup looks very „old-fashioned"
  • Poorly performed procedure
  • The pigment or the shape changes unsightly
  • Social reasons
  • Wrong shape (eyebrow corners are rounded)
  • Clients want to change the style of the permanent makeup (e. g. from microblading to powder eyebrows)

How long does the tattoo removal take?

Experiences with tattoo removal vary. Sometimes only one session is required, other times more, depending on the skin type, the area of the permanent makeup, and the treated area.

You will probably need just one session if the cosmetic tattoo covers a small area and is usually of the same color. The procedure takes from 20 minutes to an hour, but it is difficult to determine the time in advance because the duration depends on several factors. Permanent makeup will gradually disappear after the procedure and over the next few weeks.


How to choose the best PMU tattoo removal specialist in Prague?

Keep in mind that thanks to PMU, your doctor can improve or worsen your appearance.

If the price for tattoo removal is suspiciously low, we recommend you to examine it thoroughly, as a good specialist uses expensive equipment, high-quality pigments, and expensive consumer material.

How much does the tattoo removal cost, and can PMU be permanently removed?

As with regular tattoos, permanent makeup removal is definitely possible, but it may take some time. The price depends on the number of sessions.

Come and consult with experts of Beautyshape clinic who work in hygienic conditions and use high-quality materials and pigments, too. We are ready to help you, and we look forward to seeing you!


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