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What is causing a hair loss and how to choose the right treatment

What is causing a hair loss and how to choose the right treatment

Having beautiful and thick hair is important for both women and men. Healthy hair is not only attractive, but also an indicator of a person's overall health.
With the arrival of winter and heating season, almost everyone begins to worry about problems associated with hair loss. Hair loss can occur for various reasons, depending on what causes it.
  • Seasonal alopecia, which usually occurs in autumn, is normal and lasts up to 8 weeks. At the same time, cooling the head also leads to hair loss. Do not forget to wear a headwear that will not be tight and will not interfere with the blood circulation of the scalp. If you notice that you are losing more hair than usual, or that this period has been prolonged, you should consult a doctor to find out the causes together.
  • Another natural precondition for hair loss in women is hormonal changes in the body associated with the birth of a child. It could take about three months. After this period, hair growth returns to normal
  • Also, stress or medications significantly contribute to hair loss. After removing the cause, hair growth is normally restored.

Hair loss​. What are the solutions?

If none of the above causes of alopecia are relevant to you and hair loss is becoming catastrophic, then we recommend you to seek the help of a trichologist.

Trichologist treatment is aimed at restoring hair by improving the nutrition of hair follicles. There are both medical and instrumental hair restoration techniques. Remember that masks, balms and home methods against hair loss do not solve this problem and sometimes even make it worse.

The trichologist prescribes a mesotherapy, in which amino acid and protein preparations are used. This procedure will stop alopecia, increase blood circulation to the scalp and provide the necessary nutrition to the hair follicles.

Another effective way to treat hair loss is the introduction of plasma, which is rich in thrombocytes. This method is called a plasma therapy and is non-allergenic and non-toxic. Nowadays, it is by far the safest way to combat hair loss. Plasma, which is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, restores the structure of damaged hair follicles and stops the process of hair loss.

The trichologist deals exclusively with problems of alopecia and the treatment of the scalp. The causes that lead to pathological hair loss are dealt with by specialists.

Keep in mind that a timely treatment for alopecia brings good results; the more time passes from the beginning of pathological hair loss, the less of a chance there is for a successful outcome, so do not hesitate to start solving this problem.

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